I have triplets. Retail doesn’t hear me!

This is not normally a draw card I use but on this occasion, I think I have to. When you’re buying clothes for three girls, the same size and which can’t be handed down, the price adds up! While I can ALWAYS find a way to justify spending a little more on my own clothes (having a bad day/ special occasion/YOLO/my Grandma would have told me to ‘just buy the shoes’), I can’t seem to justify spending too much on my girls’ clothes. After all, they grow so quickly, change their preferences from week to week and end up ‘trashing’ clothes with all their activities and science experiments that end up in the fridge….I decided to do something about it.


As a personal trainer at The Studio Trainer, I wear sports clothes. A lot.

The clothes I wear while working need to have many things available to me.

They need to be of high quality, wash well, fit well -in the right places and of course, they need to look cool. My clothes need to move, bend and stick to me and with me! I need to be able to sit down and bend over without looking like a plumber. I need to be comfortable and yet professional looking. No trackie dacks around here!

I believe these are attributes all clothes should have (not that there’s anything wrong with trackies now and then).

First and foremost,  I believe we ALL deserve to look good and feel good in what we’re wearing. I believe life is too short to skimp on quality and to choose something because it’s ‘OK’ or ‘it will do’ . Too often we buy clothes because they are just ‘there’ in front of us. They might not be our first choice, they might be on sale or your toddler needs to do a wee and you purchase on the fly….well it’s time to STOP!

My girls deserve to look and feel good too.

When it comes to buying girls’ leggings I found there were two extremes.

Retailers are clever. They spend years on studying expenditure trends and design their marketing to hit those with spending money. More often than not, this covers the female age group 20-40ish and we all love seeing the latest Nike add pop up on our screen don’t we? But what about our girls?

You go to Kmart / Big W or Target (where the toilets for that child who needs to wee are MILES away) and you pay a small price. Don’t get me wrong- it’s GREAT that they don’t cost much but there’s a choice of black with a hot pink or purple stripe or one other pattern- which your little girl ‘kind of’ likes. If you stand and discuss it too long, the moment is gone and she is distracted by something sweet or shiny….you’ve lost your chance and you choose the leggings that are ‘OK’. Great price, OK quality ( sometimes) and you all make it to the bathroom in time. The deal gets done but it ain’t really pretty.

The second extreme when buying girls’ leggings is the upper end of the market. We’re talking sports shop franchise with some big names to choose from. Nike, Running Bear and Adidas all do leggings for our little active girls. Granted, they’re pretty cool, good quality and can fit nicely. But, they cost a WHOLE lot more thanf a tinkle on those purse strings! You can count on eating sausages and baked beans (although these ARE good for you) for the week ’cause little Gracie is wearing Running Bear legs. She’s already got a hole in one leg but you’re still gonna make her wear them E-VER-Y day ’cause they cost a week’s dinners. You ALSO make her use the charity bag they came in for ‘ just an extra $2’. At this end of the market, the quality is certainly there and the choices are better. But, the price is way to high and she’s grown out of the same leggings at the end of the season.

SO, after years of purple/hot pink stripes and baked beans, I decided to solve the problem and have started manufacturing leggings for girls!

Let me introduce them as The Studio Trainer leggings. I’m not one to normally blow my own trumpet but right now- I’m going to buy my own trumpet!

The leggings I produce have been hand picked in design to suit every taste- even those tastes as fussy as one of my triplets- Pearl. And she’s one hard to please 11 year old!

Goldilocks has NOTHING on HER champagne tastes let me tell you!

My leggings are of high quality and are easy to wash. I do about 2-3 loads of washing a day and the leggings still come out looking new. I was brought up in the fashion industry so I got my mum, who was a designer, to check each sample scrupulously before production. She gave them the ‘thumbs up’ and we believe the quality is very high.

The leggings are 85% polyester so they are very durable, wrinkle resistant and quick to dry (thank the Heavens). The rest of the fabric is 15% spandex allowing for stretch and return to normal shape. No little girl plumbers in sight!

The trampoline and its girls have never been happier! Jumping, flipping, cart wheeling and axials have never been cooler!

I believe I’ve done the research. I’ve found an amazing manufacturer who understands me and who I trust. Their work is exceptional and my girls deserve it. Hell, I deserve it!

I believe you and your girls do too.

The Studio Trainer leggings are exclusive to my business and are extremely affordable at only $30. Sold online and modelled by all the gorgeous girls who have purchased them.

Which design does YOUR daughter like? Let her choose. Let her choose her personality through the design. Let her in to the back-flipping, hand-standing cool squad with leggings to boot! Let her be a model !

Let girls be girls!

I’d LOVE you to look at the leggings. Sit down with your daughter and look at them together. Call it ‘quality time’ and treat her to something special.

Something she deserves. Here’s the link: