Having established a realistic expectation of yourself and your abilities, and armed with the belief that if a session gets missed you can still KEEP GOING, you now need to choose activities that will help you to succeed. 


I get asked a lot about how to stay motivated with health and fitness routines. To me the answer is certainly not black and white-as with MOST topics within the industry but certainly one answer lies in choosing activities that are FUN. Common sense tells us that if we don’t enjoy what we are doing, we will not keep going. There may be a select few disciplined enough to slog it out at endeavours we despise and simply ‘tick it off the list’ but I would consider it quite normal to fall off that lil’ wagon pretty quickly if the thought of running sends nausea signals to the brain when really you’d rather play tennis.

You’re activewear is in a little pile next to the bed ready to put on as soon as the alarm chimes at the crack of dawn. The thought of doing something you enjoy could be the factor that gets you lifting more than one foot out from under the quilt! Running, walking, spin class, yoga, boxing rounds, a weights sesh or just swinging from the chandelier with Sia- I don’t really care what you do -just make sure it makes you happy!

Another scenario. Your trackies and sneakers are in your backpack you’re taking to work. At 5:30pm after a stressful day at a desk, believing the customer is always right or sorting out everyone’s problems except your own, you’re going to meet a mate for a run. You enjoy running and as you pound the pavement your stresses dissipate and the world is brought back into equilibrium.

One point I would like to make is that for some people the workout itself might not be what makes them happy or be considered fun -in fact it might totally suck at the time! It is the AFTER EFFECT that makes them feel good. The happy hormones released through the system and the excretion of toxins, limbering up of muscles and feeling of achievement can provide just as much satisfaction as walking on the beach and enjoying it at the time. Believe me, my clients have taught me how much they might hate me (in the nicest possible way) during a workout but afterwards they feel fantastic.

When we are doing activities we think are fun, the mistakes we might make feel more like challenges and we can pick ourselves up and continue. This is a much better result than throwing the hands in the air and sliding the foot back under the quilt and snoozing for another hour!

So, choose wisely my dear friends. Choose something you enjoy, something you will learn from and progress through. Choose FUN. (Like the 9:30group ‘therapy’ session at The Studio Trainer on a Friday morning. Boxing gloves often in tow! First world problems sorted in 45 minutes)


What makes it fun for YOU?