So I’ve talked about my trials and tribulations of raising triplets (plus one- CAN’T forget the ‘one’!) and how the secret to my sanity is ROUTINE. Now to relate this to exercise. Clearly not everyone is obsessed with fitness and exercise like me. We are ALL busy. We all have commitments, families, work, friends, dry-cleaning to pick up, food to buy, pets to brush and bathrooms to clean- basically ANYTHING that can take priority over donning the activewear to exercise. I consider myself lucky that my work includes being active (although I DO get sick of the activewear) and for me it is a compulsory priority. I understand that for many the discipline of training consistently is simply NOT high on the list of things to do. But what if the intentions are there-just with no mojo to star jump into action? How do we make exercising part of our weekly routine? OVER THE NEXT WEEK I’M GOING TO GIVE YOU my 5 tips to get the ball rolling- and keep it rolling! Now you too can enjoy all the benefits of exercise-AND activewear…..

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1 Don’t set the bar too high.

“I’m going to get up at 6am every day and run for an hour for the next three months.”

“I’m going to follow ‘The Rock’s’ routine and look like him by summer.”

“I’m going to plank every day until I can hold it for ten minutes.”

“I’m going to drop 3 dress sizes by the time I go to Bali next week.”

Let me give you a big tip…….NO YOU AIN’T !!!!

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It’s wonderful to have the intention and bravado to make such bold goals and statements but honestly- let’s get realistic. Greatness/marathon runners/bikini bods/’you got HOT’ doesn’t happen overnight NOR over a few weeks. It takes time -one step at a time. Break those goals down to one step at a time. Except looking like the Rock by summer- that ain’t ever happening! One step at a time- one achievable goal at a time!

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It’s great to have a big goal in mind but start with something you know you can achieve. Then you’re not setting yourself up for defeat/ disappointment and diving into the doughnuts at the bakery because you stuffed up!


Set a time frame you can deal with. If you can’t workout 5 or 6 days a week start with once or twice but JUST START! START NOW!!! If you can’t fit a session in because you’re away at a conference, don’t worry, do an extra one the next week. If you’re sick and miss a workout, don’t get stuck into the Krispy Kremes (YUK just quietly) , just put a bit more effort in when you are well again. If you cancel on your walking buddy because you had to pick up your sick child from school, schedule for another day. Don’t let one bad day ruin the whole week.

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Some achievable and realistic goals might be….

“I’m going to get into those skinny jeans on my top shelf in the next six months.”

“I’m going to exercise consistently until our holiday in two months so I feel better than I do now!”

“I’m going to walk for half an hour three times a week.”

“I’m going to be able to plank for two minutes by the end of the month.”

“I’m going to use the stairs at work for the month.”


PS-Don’t forget to give yourself a little reward when you reach your goal.