“It’s SO unfair! My husband/ boyfriend/ brother loses weight at the drop of a hat and I can’t!!”Sound familiar? Unfortunately it’s true. Men lose weight faster than women. Fortunately it doesn’t stay this way and studies done in the UK have shown that after a few months weight loss rates all even out so don’t reach for the Tim Tams and remote just yet. Let me explain (put the Tim Tam down!)….

How fast a person loses weight isn’t necessarily a gender issue. It’s more of a big person, little person issue. Whether a person is bigger due to height, weight, or muscle mass, he has the physiological benefit when it comes to losing weight compared to a smaller person. Since men tend to carry around more height, weight, and muscle mass than women, their bodies need to burn more calories to function.

A larger body’s caloric needs are higher, so any modifications made will create larger caloric deficits. A larger body’s organs will use more calories (little packets of energy) than a smaller person’s organs, so their basic burn rate of calories is larger to begin with. A small female’s body will not burn as many calories a day as a larger man’s, and any caloric deficit she creates will not be as large as a man’s caloric deficit.

Although there is very little a woman can do to change her height, she can do something to change her muscle-to-fat ratio. Some women have the distorted notion that if they hit the actual free weight section of their gym they’ll end up Hulky. Building muscle via strength training is a girl’s best friend when it comes to losing weight. Muscle naturally burns more calories than fat — even while at rest. Strength training doesn’t necessarily mean loading up the squat rack or bench press either so you can’t use the excuse of not owning any weights. Women can build muscle just as efficiently with body weight exercises, such as pushups, burpees and squats- you know, all the exercises we hate.

Again, men have the advantage over women with building muscle too. Their higher testosterone levels allow increased protein synthesis leading to the building of muscle.

But, as always, we women just have to soldier on with what we have. Your size WILL change!
Be consistently persistent! The reward will come….