Here we are. Post Christmas binge, bringing up the rear with New Year’s bevvies to boot! Yep. We feel big, fat, lethargic and lazy. So, like with most things, we want to fix it. Now!

It’s a marketing mania and we are inundated with catchy detox diets with pictures of lemons and tape measures.

Well let me give you the low down on why I’m NOT GOING TO DETOX (well at least not the way you think).

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Our body is already equipped -quite amazingly, to cleanse and ‘detox’ of its own accord. Our kidneys, liver, skin, and lungs all play a role in detoxification. Whether it be exogenous (environmental) or endogenous (metabolic) waste, it is conveniently disposed of through these organs. No need to pay for a kit, drink lemon water or sit on the loo like the guy in Dumb and Dumber….it will happen anyway.

What we CAN do to help get back on track, counteract the Christmas pud, bubbly and over eating are the following things:

  1. Water, water, water. Yep you’ve heard this one before but I can’t tell you how important it is and what a difference it makes. 1.5-2 Litres a day for adults. Spread it throughout the day so it doesn’t feel like a chore. We have enough of those!
  2. Fresh food that’s REAL. If it has a nutrition label or ‘use by’ date, it’s generally been processed or tampered with. Limit these to ‘sometimes foods’ . Make your meals colourful, balanced and regular.
  3. Routine. It’s a word I live by- even more so after having triplets. We are very adaptable creatures so once you have a healthy routine in play, it’s much easier to plan with good choices. Prepare food as much as you can . This way you’ll grab the hommus and carrot sticks over the Tim Tams….
  4. Get some Z’s. No need to last until midnight or have a brew with Father Christmas any more so treat your body with some solid sleep (I know- easier said than done sometimes). This is a great time for the body to repair and re-charge.
  5. Give yourself a treat. NO ONE it perfect (not even Father Christmas) so stop trying to be. Allow yourself a treat now and then to stop the inevitable binge/whole packet of Tim Tam saga. You CAN have your cake and eat it too. Just don’t go ballistic.

I assure you. If you follow these simple steps, a few weeks into the year, you’ll be feeling way more ‘normal’ than you do right now. You’ll have some energy back, stop the wobbly bits you’ve developed lately and you’ll keep your hard earned money.

Not a lemon drink in sight!

E x