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By Eliza Louisa

Lynton’s story

I love it when I meet someone who's truly genuine and kind hearted. It's sometimes difficult events of the past that can create the character we become. When his daughter was 8 months old, Lynton's life path changed forever. Here's his story. Pinnaroo is a town...

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Heidi’s story.

A young mum of three school age children, a wife, a self made business owner and a pillar of strength as a pre-school support worker, Heidi's life was full and fluid. Then the news came. "But that happens to OTHER people." I met with Heidi for a friendly vino and...

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Jennifer’s story.

Today I had coffee and manoushi with a dear friend. It was my privilege to sit and listen to her story. I learnt some valuable life lessons from her. I also learnt what manoushi was. Let me tell you about Jennifer.   When she was 16, Jennifer and one of her...

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It's true. I'm a personal trainer and coach. I get paid to do what I do. But it's SO much bigger and better. Last week I said farewell and bon voyage to a dear client who's moving to Hong Kong. She's trained with me for years, consistently and with her whole heart....

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          BEHIND THE SCENES..... Last night I trained a gorgeous bunch of girls. One of those sessions I really look forward to! Half way through the session, I realised with guilty conscience that I was just standing in front of them saying...

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