I might be ‘old school’ in a few ways but when it comes to recording your efforts and achievements I say- use some or all of the technology available. Just make sure someone sees how well you are doing! Be it in the kitchen or the gym, get into the routine of recording your workout, diet goal or just how great you are feeling that you said ‘no’ to the chocolates being offered (yeah- like I’d offer them to other people!).

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Recording your efforts and achievements stands you in good stead for accountability. In the post workout haze of sweat, tears and glasses fogging up you might start to forget just how much more you lifted, how much further you ran or how many burpees you did this time compared to the last. My clients often feel like they are not improving their fitness levels UNTIL I pull out their ‘little white card with notes scribbled on it’ (that right there is my old school style) from three months ago. I call the numbers and comments from all those weeks ago and they realise that ‘hey yeah I AM getting better’ . The ‘loving’ abuse from said clients may not dissipate nor improve but I’m completely OK with that! As long as they are stepping up gradually and safely and positive outcomes are consistent.

Whether it’s diet or exercise, being honest with your current situation will keep you from being too ambitious and setting yourself up for failure, or from giving up entirely. Technology can be a huge benefit to help you see your progress in a way that looking in the mirror won’t show you.

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Strava, Fitbit, Garmin, pedometers, heart rate monitors, couch to 5K, My Fitness Pal and other apps, photos, the calendar on the wall, your diary….it’s all available for you to record your hard earned efforts. It is amazing how knowing other people ‘are watching’ promotes your own accountability to complete the workout or stick to the nutrition plan even though you would rather stick pins in your eyes today instead! Choose a method of recording that suits you. Make it simple and quick to do after you complete a goal.

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I have a small notebook and a tape measure in my drawer! Every few weeks I take my measurements- bust, hips, girth, bum and each thigh! I’ve never been one to weigh myself as I think this reading can be misleading and misunderstood so I take my measurements and write them in the little black book!

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The recordings date back to 1993 when I was doing my second year of uni! Perhaps one day when I’m famous I could sell it on eBay ? I might raise enough to pay some of the private school fees… the Lindt factory….but I digress!


What works for you?