So you’ve set your bar realistically low, you’ve decided what activity will be fun and you will therefore stick with it. What now?


Yep! I learnt it with triplets plus one and it STILL holds true for making exercise part of your routine. Where I used to prepare 25 bottles for the day, I now prepare meals with leftovers. Not your bodybuilding type 50 meals a day in tupperware containers, but a large pot of soup (at this time of year), a hefty roast or a slow cooked meal for keeps- literally. Any leftovers are kept or frozen for those times I simply don’t have time (nor the desire) to cook.

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You know what it’s like! School pick up number one, queue up to get out of that school, burn to the next, wave frantically at the children out your window until they realise it is THEIR mum waving at them, queue up to get out, netball match at a school inconveniently too far away, “mum I’m STARVING” as they turn on the radio station with too much talk, watch the game, keep the other kid OFF the screens, “bravo girls, you played so well”, “but mum WHO played the BEST??!!”, time to drive home, arguments over who’s in the middle seat, was that a red light or green? can’t remember, who needs help with homework, “KIDS STOP PLAYING IT’S HOMEWORK TIME”, “has anyone fed the dog lately?”, train a client, back into the house, “KIDS STOP PLAYING IT’S HOMEWORK TIME”, oh Jeez, it’s dinner time…….You know? THOSE kind of nights, when you can think of nothing worse than cooking while you’re juggling.


SO, in the freezer or fridge is a meal you can pull out and eat there and then. Not a frozen pizza that you don’t need to eat. Not a drive through Maccas, nor a packet of processed salt laden cardboard otherwise known as ‘Lean’ something or other…..BE PREPARED!

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Instead of working out what all four children are going to wear tomorrow, how many nappies I’ll need to take to the zoo (“Mum, look, it’s doing a weeeeee!), have I packed Pearl’s spare ‘num num’ and Benji’s koala (which is actually a monkey), I NOW pack my workout gear for the next morning (OK you can call it ‘activewear’). I pack my clothes and sneakers , headphones , ventolin etc. all into a black crate in the bathroom ready for the 5am alarm in the morning. So as not to wake the family (yeah-RIGHT) I change in the bathroom. No thought involved. Who wants to at that time of the morning? Ready to go.

I hear you. You’re not a morning person.

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Still doesn’t mean you don’t need to be prepared! Pack your bag ready for the run after work, the gym session or the lunch time walk the night before. This is also setting a very profound cue for you to accept that this is what IS happening tomorrow. No room to squirm out of it. Your prepared actions will lead to a positive, endorphin-enriched outcome. You WILL exercise! You WILL have healthy, pre-prepared and pre-thought out meals!

Another way to prevent a side step around your exercise (unless I TELL you to sidestep around something) is to put it in the calendar! “Tuesday 5:15pm, training at The Studio Trainer” Repeat. Every Week. Ending-Never. Done!

Granted- things happen. The dog gets sick, parent teacher interviews, Adelaide Fringe show on, partner sick (naa, YOU can still train!)……RESCHEDULE. Just reschedule OK??!! We can work around these things but if it’s a constant in the calendar ,again, the cue is there and you are highly likely to follow through!

I don’t focus on packing the nappies, bottles, wipes, spare clothes, spare brain any more. I focus on packing the martial arts bag, the focus mits, the litres of water and the vomit bag (yes I mean it) now. Again- it’s ready to go. No thought. A little bit of forward thinking goes SO far.


Will you get a spare half hour after work when you could do a power walk or run? Pack the sneakers or hiking boots just in case. Will you possible finish that meeting early? Maybe pack the bathers in case you feel like doing some laps. Whatever FUN thing you’re doing, BE PREPARED. Scout’s honour- it works!

What are your cues? What makes it happen for you? Maybe your input could help someone else to stop sidestepping (unless I’ve told them to….around the cone and back).