My triplets turned 11 this week. While the girls celebrated the fact that they’re one year closer to being teenagers- which apparently gives them licence to do ANYTHING, I celebrated their lives differently. Between them now they have 33 years of life experience. The ups, the downs, the in betweens, the rise and fall of pop idols, the progression from Barbies to throw rugs and the ability to change my life in so many ways. Some good, a few bad and some so amazing that I weep. One thing I know for sure is that I wouldn’t have it any other way!


Gymnastics….we won!


People still ask me “What is it LIKE having triplets?” Well on their birthday I reflected on their early years and this is what I came up with. THIS is what it’s like…….

It’s changing about 25 nappies a day.

It’s trying to hold some decorum and just a little bit of privacy while people fire inconsiderate and downright stupid questions at you in public.

It’s making up 21 bottles each morning.

rgp bottles

Bottles, bottles,bottles

It’s managing between 3 and 6 loads of washing a day. Loads that smelt of wee, vomit or worse.

It’s a constant, non-stop chorus of “me too’s” which later in life progresses to “It’s NOT FAIR”.

It’s not wanting to move because they’re ALL curled up asleep on you while you lay on the lounge and listen to all their little noises.


Let them sleep…and ME!!

It’s being the mum other mum’s stare at because you have children who come in a group and they tend to gang up on others ( but secretly loving this because they stand up for each other.)


It’s getting more free time because they always have a playmate around who isn’t mum. I’m expecting this to progress to “leave me alone” and doors slamming on poster clad bedrooms.

It’s dealing with one girl jumping on the table, one girl eating the play doh and the other throwing crayons while you’re trying to be accepted in to playgroup. (Luckily I’m an old scholar!!). Thank you for taking us on Kate. You rock.


Chartres, France 2010


It’s constantly doing a head count when at a playground or play area because they are never all together outside of the house. To date, I haven’t forgotten one yet but been very close when number four came along.


Bit of culture. Versailles 2010. I don’t think they understood the grandeur!

It’s feeling like a failure because one baby always had to cry it out because your arms only can only hold two.

It’s begging and pleading with God for just two hours of sleep in a row because that is all you need to function.

It’s never feeling like you quite have control- of anything.

Iphone France 1370.JPG

I had TOTAL control. At least to take the photo! Les jardin Tuillieres.


It’s turning up the TV full bore because sometimes you have to just let the three of them scream themselves to sleep.

It’s forever and always being known as ‘that one with triplets’. Eliza’s the name. Or Mum. Or ‘Mum mum mum mum’.


Home. Feeding the ‘roo……Cleland Wildlife Park

It’s an overwhelming sense of joy you get when three little people give you ‘I love you, mum hugs.

It’s judgmental stares and eye rolls.

It’s the ability to rock a baby, burp a baby and feed a baby all at the same time.

It’s tripping over and stepping on a child because there is constantly one under foot.

It’s frantically searching the house for three different bubbas so that three overly tired and crabby toddlers will FINALLY take a nap.


The camel didn’t feel a thing. Monarto Zoo just out of Adelaide.

It’s being able to understand three different things told to you by three different children at the same time. Again this progresses to “it’s NOT FAIR” and “you NEVER listen to me”. This is why I also love Archie my dog.

It’s finding ways to make each child love being a triplet but also love being an individual.

It’s standing firm to three children who constantly test the limits.

It’s 30 fingernails and 30 toenails to cut and trim.

It’s trying NOT to compare the girls to each other- in everything. It’s like saying ‘don’t look down’.


When in France……

It’s looking at them growing up into three unique and talented individuals who make me feel like I matter.

It’s like I’m blessed with 3 beautiful lives to guide, 3 sets of stories to hear and 3 hugs twice a day (although one only half hugs now ).


I love them all unconditionally. They are ALL my favourites . I couldn’t live without them . They are my world and I wish them nothing but happiness, laughter, precious moments and lifetime memories for their twelfth year. Thank you girls -for being you.

France 062

A summer in France 2010.

x Mum/Eliza/Lize/Mum mum mum/Aunty Liza/That One/Oh YOU’RE…..