‘Tis the season to be jolly. And you know what? I’M GUNNA!! Yes- I’m a health-loving, champion deadlifting and water guzzling personal trainer and I AM GOING TO ENJOY THE FESTIVE SEASON AND I’M GUNNA GET MERRY!

Cue crickets…..

Yes- you heard me right. I’m SO looking forward to Christmas, with it’s family gatherings, feasts of food, free-flowing champagne, long-time-no-see friends and my Mum’s famous cassata when I ‘just can’t fit anything else in’.

I can’t wait to have a few days off from training, programming (my brain is currently fried), planning and stressing.

Gifts from clients…..clearly encouraging me to enjoy the festive season.


Seriously. With the amount of stress from trying to decide on presents, let alone getting them wrapped, and yet knowing I need to save some coin for four pairs of new school shoes for next year- I do NOT want the added head pound from trying to perfect my nutrition and abstain from any Christmas cheer- preferably coated in chocolate.

Do a quick search on the net for ‘enjoy Christmas’ and 99% of the hits are titles such as ‘How to avoid weight gain at Christmas’, ‘Keep kilos off at Christmas’, ‘How to work off those holiday pounds’.

Well what about ‘How not to have ANY fun, be hangry, push your luck on eating clean, resent yourself, not live in the moment, miss those precious memories and bah humbug’???

…those precious memories….


Sure. I’ll gain some weight over Christmas. We all do. I love Mum’s cassata so why shouldn’t I enjoy it for one or two days of the year (365 days, for comparison)? I may even eat some for breakfast one day (it’s ice cream layered with glace cherries, sherry and cake…..). I’ll eat it slowly and I will savour the moment. Likewise, Christmas is but once a year and I am going to savour it.

I’m good MOST of the time with my nutrition, health and fitness.

On the days I don’t have a Christmas or end of year function, I train hard, I eat a balanced and adequately portioned lot of food and I guzzle water.

On the days I DO have a Christmas function on, I enjoy it. I delight in the finger food, I savour a bubbly beverage and I kick off the sneakers for some heels. I’m not going to miss out on being entertained by good company and enjoying the atmosphere.



Savour the atmosphere…


Let’s talk about stress.

In my life, right now, I am dealing with four children on school holidays (what are we doing today/ can I have this-EVERYONE’s got one/ ‘mum”mum”mum’), full bookings for clients packing in the sessions before the Chrissy binge, shopping for presents, programming for clients, organising get-togethers, play dates, cooking, a dog with a sore leg, henna tattoo paste stains in the sink, hail damage to the asbestos roof, having extra children over for play dates, running my new leggings business, still being affected by the last Walking Dead episode I watched, learning how to use Insta more effectively and the fact that I have to buy four pairs of new school shoes, uniforms and bathers for next year……

And the marketing world wants me to get my body ready for summer, restrict calories and drink something green?

I say ‘nup’.

We all feel the pressure at this time of year. We all feel the stress. Whether you have first world woes like mine or something totally different, I think we (even personal trainers) should be allowed to kick off the sneakers, eat the Tim Tams/ cassata, have a glass of champagne and fall asleep on the lounge after lunch at least once a year…..I’m going to.

I’m going to get back on track after Christmas.


Seriously. I will.

E  x