So here it it. The New Year.

It’s a time that means something different for everyone.


For some, a new year provides an opportunity to look back. It’s a time of reminiscence at what the past year gave and in turn being grateful.

It might be a new life event. A baby, an engagement, loss of a loved one, a marriage, a new house, a new job.

Many people say we SHOULDN’T look back, for that is not the direction you are travelling. But for me, it’s important to sometimes glance behind at the last year. It will hold some precious memories, both good and bad, and some valuable life lessons for the future. If we can’t learn from the past, we can’t improve the future.

Are you thankful?

Glad it’s over.

For some folk, the deliverance of a new year offers appeasement.

Illness within the family or oneself is always a challenge we like to leave behind. Daily life disruptions, fear of prognosis, a change in perspective or lifestyle or just the daily slog of conquering disease can drain us.

The loss of a loved one can taint a year. While we celebrate their life and the dear memories we hold for them, it still hurts. Sometimes it hurts too much and while the world spins on, we are full of grief.

Break ups are lousy. No matter what age, when, where, who or how- they just affect everyone. So if the past year included one of these, hooray for a new year and new beginnings.

The loss of a job without prospect of a new one can unhitch any strength of character we had and put stress on the family and the magic of Christmas.

So, a new year can be a blessed turning point for many people. A chance to change the tide, think with positivity and look ahead.

A time for resolutions.

We ALL know this one!

“I’m going to exercise every day/ give up smoking/ eat kale every meal/ get rich/ find a boyfriend/girlfriend, get rid of a boyfriend/girlfriend, run a marathon, give up alcohol, give up sugar, start belly dancing/ running every day/ yoga.”

And so it goes. For a while anyway!

As a personal trainer, I have learnt from experience that most food or exercise related resolutions start well (for about a week or even a week and a half), cruise along, on AND off the wagon for a month or maybe two and then completely combust by around April.

I know the intentions are always real and the motivation is fuelled by our disgraceful eating and drinking habits over the festive season- but let’s be realistic.

Achievable small wins are a better forecast. Consistently. We need to lower the bar to start with so our gains are celebrated constantly.

Just saying! I don’t like kale anyway….

A new beginning.

A new year can symbolise a new beginning. A new chapter of our life .

It might be a new job, a sea change, a new outlook, a new lifestyle or a new home.

We all love the chance to start afresh, clear the cobwebs and hit the new year running (not me- I hate running ūüėČ .

Just another night.

For others, New Year’s Eve is no different to any other night and it’s just another year.

To some, this might sound humdrum or unsung. For my son, another night of Fortnite is ALWAYS worth celebration- and that is what he did!

A night in, maybe watching the cricket, with a cuppa and in bed by 10pm has its benefits however, with a clear head and early rise the following day. It’s a safe and comfortable way to welcome the new year and the events and behaviours of the previous might be just as desirable again.

Blessed are you!!

What does the new year mean to you?

I’d LOVE to know your take!

Are you relishing the chance to say goodbye?

Planning something special for this year?

Do you hope to achieve something mighty?

Are you glad the struggle of the last year is over?

Is it just the same as always for you?

Do you like running? Kale?

Please comment below….

E x