Yes. It IS a brand new world! Albeit late, here I am now blogging! Gone are the days when we would write notes to each other in class and with a pretend yawn throw them to our friend!

 Not generally one to blow my own trumpet I DO feel it perhaps advantageous to share my knowledge, my wishes and my various life events with you. With a few notches in my belt and feathers in my cap, I have a few stories to tell.

 Who am I? I’ll sum it up quickly.

I began working life as a diagnostic radiographer and CT operator, working in many hospitals, private practices and cities. Then came the children. 4 children under 2 in fact! Triplet girls followed 19 months later by a son (yes-I DID go again!). Forever a gym junkie and 15 years of karate led me to a change of career and new beginnings. Not the ‘grass is always greener type’ just the ‘one door closing, another one opens’ type.

I now run a boutique and very personal fitness training studio. I never wanted to work in a big franchise gym surrounded by mirrors and fans, swayed by over-competitive, gum-chewing, phone-checking trainers and churning through client numbers as though we are all made from the same mould. We are not- and this is where my passion lies. We are all individual bodies, capable of many things. My programmes are unique to each individual I train and are tailored to their capabilities, strengths AND weaknesses.

 I have qualifications in fitness instruction, personal training, am a master trainer, teach Punchfit, children, older adults, fitball, TRX, have a black belt in karate and love to punch and kick things. I can also change and feed three newborns in under 26 minutes in the middle of the night but that’s a story for another day!

 Join me from here, on my blogging jaunt. I’d love you to send me your questions, ideas and stories. Let’s keep in touch!


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